Helena Horton

I'm a freelance journalist for ampp3d/Mirror Online. I've also appeared on BBC Radio 4 twice to talk about feminism, and am soon speaking at an International Journalism Festival in Perugia to talk about being young and LGBTQ in journalism.

Girlguiding; Adela Raz; Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Woman's Hour - Radio 4

This morning a Court of Appeal Judgment will be given in a landmark case of a seven year old girl known only as CP, now in foster care, born with serious developmental problems associated with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. The condition can cause facial deformities, retarded growth, and brain damage. Doctors say CP's condition results from her mother's excessive drinking while pregnant, she was consuming half a bottle of vodka and eight cans of strong lager daily. Lawyers representing the local autho

Discriminazione, pregiudizi e ruolo dei social media nell’era del matrimonio gay

Omofobia, bullismo, diritti civili, matrimonio egualitario: come vengono affrontati nei media i temi legati alla discriminazione e quale ruolo giocano in questo senso i social network nel 2015? In che modo i media italiani ed europei raccontano la realtà gay, lesbica, bisessuale e transessuale (GLBT) nell’era in cui molti paesi europei – ma non l’Italia – hanno aperto le porte al matrimonio egualitario? E come hanno cambiato questo mondo Twitter e Facebook? Il panel tenterà di dare una risposta

Interview: Doctor Dick Swaab - Blogs - GayTimes

The truth about those 'smoking makes babies gay' headlines Last month, there were a number of reports about a "controversial" new book from Dutch neuroscientist Dr Dick Swaab. The articles claimed that Dr Swaab thought a baby exposed to stress, smoking and drugs while inside the womb could have an affect on its sexuality later in life. Dr Dick Swaab and his book, We Are Our Brains' were derided by many for inferring that smoking could turn your child gay. We decided to get to the bottom

Europe's largest student newspaper to close after union loses battle to save it

The London Student, the largest student newspaper in Europe, is to close after the university's union failed to secure emergency funding to rescue it. The union, which will lose its own funding from the university at the end of the year, had hoped to argue that the newspaper was an essential service that the university should continue to fund. But Michael Chessum, the president of the University of London Union (ULU), which has funded and published a student newspaper since the 1920s, said that